Tuesday, October 8, 2013

House and Baby

Lava rolling into the sea.  Standing upwind is advisable.


Like all little boys I wanted to touch it.

My face got bright red after that

Dan's foundation services

Approved.  Let's pour some cement.

Pretty sloppy work.

This is what holds our house up.

And the frame begins.

We pushed those walls up by hand.

That's a house?

Sylvie likes the loft.

Sylvie's baby shower.

We assemble our second hand watch catchment tank.

The wiring begins.

Half the solar.

Felix is born, September 17, 2013.  Not quite the home birth we were expecting, but he came out perfect.

Duck hat.

The family.

Hand-me-down crib!

Chichi gets a good sniff.

This is how we're livin'