Monday, May 21, 2018

Big Island lava update

Here's a video of our lanai (deck) during the 6.9 magnitude quake that happened on May 4th:

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Felix makes it to 1!

Aloha Felix admirers,

Felix has officially turned 1!  The transformation has been quite impressive to a guy such as myself who'd barely held a baby before he was born.  He's basically gone from being totally helpless and needy to very independent and often pushing us away to get to his toys.

He's got 4 teeth and he's on the verge of walking.  He's conversing and babbling with anyone who will listen.  We think he's adorable and here's why:

A few days after he was born, 17 days late looking a bit like a sleepy grandpa.

His crib looked like a king size bed.

All he did was sleep, which was pretty great.

It took him a while to warm up to the whole beach concept.

He slept with his bum in the air.

Occasionally he was awake and make some funny faces.

And then one day he started to smile.

He even napped with his old dada.

He kind of came out with a rat tail.

He's usually pretty good about modelling new clothes he's been given. 

But not always.

He met his great-grandma "Tutu" who instantly loved him.

Loved his chubby thighs. 

Felix loved when she tickled the ivory.

He met his Schroeder relatives in Canada.

And his Ouellette family in French Canada.

He got overwhelmed by Christmas.

His tropical skin couldn't handle the cold.

He had gigantism.
The rest are pretty self explanatory.

Loves yams.

Who's tongue is that? 

He spends a lot of time with Mr. Mom.

He likes volcanoes, but not when they're threatening his house.

It blew his mind the first time he went on my shoulders.

He's a real book worm.

Sometimes he fake reads.

He's going to be a ping pong champion.
He enjoys a cold beverage from time to time. 


Happy 1st birthday Felix!